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Should Losing 'Top Rated' & 'Top Rated Plus' Status Over a Tech Term Misunderstanding Be Fair?

Dear Upwork Community Support,

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the recent removal of my "Top Rated" and "Top Rated Plus" badges. I firmly believe this action was unjustified, and I humbly request the immediate restoration of these hard-earned achievements.

A few days ago, the Upwork Trust & Safety team placed my account on hold due to the use of the term "Deepfakes" on my profile, which is stated as "Deepfake - LipSync, FaceSwap, Talking Avatars." I want to clarify that this is one of the technologies under the Generative AI category, and I was handpicked to be featured in the Upwork Work Without Limits Summit 2023 in the GenAI Category.

I hold the integrity and trust of the Upwork community in high regard, and I remain committed to adhering to the platform's Terms of Service. I promptly revised the content on my Upwork profile to address the concern. The section in question now reads "Responsible & Ethical Synthetic Media Generation - Talking Avatars." I have also clarified that my work does not involve the creation of misleading or deceptive content. The intention was solely to highlight my expertise in AI-powered media generation and virtual avatar development, a legitimate field with applications in entertainment, education, and digital content creation.

While, I understand that "Deepfake" may not align with Upwork's preferences or algorithms, it is a commonly used term in research papers and by many reputable institutions without issue. My account got restored, but don't you think it's a bit excessive to impose such a severe penalty for a simple misunderstanding of a term?

I kindly request that you review this matter with the utmost urgency and I am confident that a careful assessment of my profile and work will demonstrate that I am a valuable member of the Upwork community.

Best Regards,

Muhammad Ahmer Saleem


Hi Muhammad,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I can see that you raised this concern through your existing ticket with the team that's assisting you; kindly allow more time for them to reply and assist you further. 

~ Luiggi
Community Member

You now have the Expert-Vetted badge! Congratulations Muhammad you're currently among the top 1% of freelancers here 😁👍

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