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Upwork Job success glitch - URGENT

Hey I need to know about my upwork job success which has been dropped to 71% despite the last time I used my TOP RATED PLUS privilege to remove a bad review. which took it back to 100% a few days back. after that, I have not closed any job or had any reviews, but still, I see a 71% job success which seems an upwork glitch, can you please double check? thanks

This is very urgent as this is stopping my business and I am blocked to generate more business for me. 

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I'm encountering a similar problem mentioned above. For the past four weeks, my JSS consistently stood at 100%. However, two key factors remain unchanged during this period:

  1. I did not initiate any new jobs.
  2. My availability status has been consistently turned on.

Starting from yesterday, my JSS has unexpectedly decreased to 76%. I would appreciate assistance in understanding and resolving this issue.

Thank you

Hi Usama and Yasir,


We’ve escalated both of your community posts to support tickets. One of our agents will be in touch with each of you soon to assist.

~ AJ
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