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How to use AI to its optimal capacity

Brief Introduction

AI is not a new subject, as it had gained momentum overtime. The current disruption that took the world by storm was as a result of the rapid development of generative AI such as Chatgpt and the likes. This solution came into existence because of the large volume of data being generated daily across the world, and there was a need to find a way to shrink or expand a particular data depending on the use case.



Now that generative AI is here to stay for as long as possible, it is important to know how to utilize this to its optimal capacity.

Below are some key facts to note down.


1. Engage your thoughts: 

As much as it is called generative AI, don't leave out your thinking ability when using it. It is better able to serve as your assistant than your replacement, i.e. you need to know what you really want to do before you engage any generative AI system, because if you don't, most times you will spend more time trying to implement or use the solution it provides.

But if you know what you want, then a generative AI system will assist you with details that ordinarily you might have missed.


2. Dynamic prompting

Don't just copy other people's prompts, you need to learn the art of prompting and prompt fine-tuning, because this knowledge further broadens your thinking ability. The best way to learn prompting is to check out Deep learning course on prompt engineering . After which practice what was learnt.


3. Learn to learn from it

As strange as this might be, you need to study the kind of response you get while using a generative AI system, as these diverse responses you get helps to shape your thinking into a much more higher dynamic critical thinking ability.


4. Don't depend on it

As much as it had disrupted things in life and changed the world into what we are seeing now, it is best if you don't depend on it for everything you need to do. Sometimes, it is good you engage your creativity as this keeps your cognitive domain in a well exercised form.



I hope this was helpful in a way. Feel free to share other areas I might have omitted 🙂🤠


Thanks for reading, would appreciate comments.