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Agency Networking

We're thrilled you are here! We understand that many of you are not just looking for answers to your agency-related questions but are also hoping to network and meet potential team members and collaborators.


We're delighted to announce that we’ve created a space for you to do just that! So, let's get started and make valuable connections that could lead to amazing team members and partnerships.


Here are a few rules to go over:


How to get started: If you're a freelancer looking to join an agency or an agency owner searching for new members to add to your team, feel free to comment below! 


Best practices on connecting: We encourage you to engage with other members by responding to their comments, checking out their public profiles and portfolios, and even communicating with them via private messages if you're both interested.


What to avoid: To keep things professional, we kindly ask that you don't share any contact information in the thread or post any job listings. This thread is solely for making connections and expressing your interest in joining or building a team.


We hope you find this thread helpful and that it leads to fantastic collaborations and partnerships!

~ Valeria
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Hello, ladies and gentlemen!          ❤️

I am Ishihara Yuudai based in Hamamatsu, Japan.

Now, actually, I wonder if I am doing right now because I am brand new to here.

Of course, I tried to learn the rules and policies of this platform so hard but I wonder I am doing right yet.

I am not clever.       😁

So if I am doing something wrong, please forgive me and teach me. Thanks.


I have relationships with 4 IT groups now.

Web & Mobile Designers', AI Software Dev Group, MERN Stack Dev Group and Blockchain Dev Group.

In those 4 groups, there are several kinds of nation; US, Canada, Singapore, Germany and Japan.

They are all men.

Till now, I have been working with them. They are skillful in their major works and good communicators.

But since now, I have not so much projects than before and so I am willing to reduce salary from next month.

Salary is paid on Friday and weekly $500 ~ $1000. They work 6 days per week. Their day off is Saturday every week.

If some agencies need even one of these groups, respond to me via this forum platform.   💕

Then I will let you know more details.


Wish you good health.  💓

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I'm a experienced Midjourney Ai Artist looking for an agency to join to explore new opportunities. Can anyone help me in joining one?

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Hello great people,


I am looking for an agency to join and work together on a long-term basis. I am multi-skilled. I have 15 years of experience working for an international bank - Standard Charter Bank and have completed several jobs on Upwork. I have a 100% JSS.

Below is my Upwork account link.



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Hi, my name is Sara. I have just started my digital marketing journey and I would like to work with an agency to again experience in the field. 

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Hi, my name is Moin. I have just started my Data Entry & Pdf convert file journey and I would like to work with an agency to again experience in the field. 

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Hello, I am open to Join any agency availabe to provide me any work, I have 5+ years of experience in Web  Development

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i am interested to join agency

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Hello Everyone,

I am Full Stack Developer and currently going with less work and looking for a long-term partner or agency who can give me some work, I am more than happy to accept that opportunity.

Please reply here or you can hire me via my Upwork Profile link:


Thank you

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My name is MD Miskat Hossain. I am an SEO Expert and Social Media expert. I am a top-rated freelancer. I am looking for an agency. Could you invite me to your agency? 

Please let me know, I am waiting for an agency owner's reply.



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Hi! I'm Bushra. I'm a beginner content writer and have just got my rising talet badge. I want to work as soon as possible. Can someone tell me how to land my first work as a beginner freelancer.

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Im looking to work with an agency to be a virtual assistant, I can do basic typing skills and transcription. Im also very skilled at graphic design such as social media content and drawing. 

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I write eBooks and website content.


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I am an architect and interior designer and looking to join architectural agency.


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Are you seeking an extraordinary talent to join your agency? Look no further! Check out my dazzling Upwork profile: 


Specializing in Tech: AI, Web Development, and Web Scraping ETL. With a passion for cutting-edge technology, I excel in AI-driven solutions, captivating web development, and efficient web scraping ETL techniques.

Let's Collaborate! If you're ready to take your agency's projects to new heights, reach out to me now! I'm eager to provide more information and discuss how my expertise can benefit your team.

Don't miss this opportunity to work with a top-notch professional. Act fast before someone else secures my exceptional services!

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Hi everyone!

I am a content writer and I am here to make new contacts and find jobs, regarding my skill. Do checkout my profile and tell me, how is it?

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If any one need any roaster for wordpress web design category lets collaborate!


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Hello all


I am a devops engineer and i am looking any agency to work and collaborate with them. I am skillful, efficient  and looking to learn more and more about the devops technology.

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I am a freelancer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam since 2009. Since 2012, I have been sourcing multiple projects and assisting my clients in achieving their goals. I am posting this message to express my interest in collaborating with agencies from any part of the world. I am eager to know how I can assist you from Vietnam. Please feel free to contact me to explore further possibilities.

Thank you.

Manoj Kumar 

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I operate an agency and am from Chandigarh. I work with a full-stack developer team that includes QA specialists. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Additionally, if anyone is ever visiting Chandigarh, please let me know since I'd love to buy them a cup of coffee.

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i am an experienced and versatile Product/project manager,an editor and a customer service reperesentative. I have years of experience and i am confident in my craft. I am looking to join an agency to have more opportuities, improve my experience and broaden my network, kindly help me out.

Thank you.

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please members i need to work for agency

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 I want to add myself to the agency. I am a Video editor and motion graphic designer. If anyone helps me, that will be great.

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Hi mates , I'm a graphic designer, looking for an agency to work for 

if any intereset :


hi guys, I'm a graphic designer looking for an agency to work for 

but actually I dont know how to find agencies ?

Great to meet you! I periodically have design work I might be able to outsource to you. 

Why don’t we also stay connected on IG. Here’s mine:



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Hi ma'am. I am a content creator,secretary in our community,script writer,a blogger ,a literature student and have skills in video editor . Hope I will work with you maam . Thank you

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Hello! I have experience working on Upwork and am interested in joining an agency. Data entry and web research are my specialties.

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Hey there. What country are you in and what is your hourly rate? I may have a research project for you.
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Hi, I'm hoping to gain some experience in Social Media Marketing, so I'm willing to offer free services for 1 month. As a digital marketing enthusiast, I am seeking to gain hands-on experience in managing Google Ads campaigns. By working with you, I aim to sharpen my skills and deliver outstanding results for your business.

I'd be interested in discussing this further with you. Feel free to PM me

Please check your inbox, I have sent you a message

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Hi Everyone,


I am a dedicated Tech VA Specialist, focused on providing top-notch support to digital agencies, busy entrepreneurs, and course creators. My expertise lies in all things related to tech for digital course launches, marketing, and automation. By handling the technical aspects behind the scenes, I enable you to concentrate on what you do best—perfecting your craft, expanding your client base, and taking your business to new heights.


As a TECH VA (Virtual Assistant), I take charge of all the intricate tech operations to ensure seamless and accurate setup for your online business. By freeing up your time, I enable you to prioritize the activities you are passionate about.


You can check our website here **Edited for Community Guidelines**


Hi! I'm quite new to this group. How is everyone doing? I'm from Canada and I'm a professional illustrator and cartoonist. I have a syndicated comic strip called Globetrotter which is based on my personal global travel experiences. Feel free to have a look here:


I'm also a professional illustrator and I work remotely with clients world wide. You can have a look at my work using this line here:


I'm always intersted in discussing new projects with clients and creatives! Feel free to reach out if you have a project that requires custom illustration.

What does everyone do? Would LOVE to make some new friends!

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Hi all,

I'm Julio Menochelli from Brazil.

I can contribute with:

Search Engine Evaluation.

Translating/ Interpreting from Brazilian Portuguese to English/English to Brazilian Portuguese.

Publishing in general, as I worked in the field for over 20 years in several different roles.

Editing (field editing, commissioning editing, proof-reading, market research).

Writing and or revising content (English and Brazilian Portuguese).

Critical Reading (fiction and non-fiction) of manuscripts (fiction and non-fiction).

Formatting academic articles in accordance with APA 7th edition.

Traning and/or feedback for conference speakers.

Training and feedback for job interviews (English and Brazilian Portuguese)

Assessment of level of English and Brazilian Portuguese of candidates according to the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR).

I'd be delighted to join your agency in order to provide your clients with excellence, as you already do.

Many thanks and keep me on your radar, please.

Cheers from Brazil.




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Has anyone had any success in agencies?

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I am Aisha, the content writer. I have experience in writing creative content outside of Upwork and have done project on Upwork as well. I am looking for an agency to join for getting more experience. I am in search of a platform where I can show and polish my skills. Your suggestion will be appreciated. 


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Hello! A Project manager and a Content Writer here! Looking to be a part of a solid team!

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I'm Ahmed, a Graphic designer looking for an agency 


Hi, please send me a message. 

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As an experienced life coach with a degree in social care and life coaching training, I have had the privilege of working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, helping them navigate challenges and achieve personal growth. My coaching approach focuses on self-growth, resilience, confidence-building, anxiety management, relationship navigation, self-care, addiction recovery, goal setting, and addressing depression. Through a collaborative process, I empower clients to discover their strengths, set meaningful goals, overcome obstacles, and create a fulfilling life. I provide practical tools, support, and accountability to help clients unlock their potential and live a life aligned with their values and aspirations. Whether individuals or agencies in the care industry, I welcome anyone seeking assistance to reach out and book an appointment.

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