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Agency is not visible in search result

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Chiara S Member Since: Oct 23, 2019
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I have created an Agency profile for my company ZeraTech. I purchased for Agency Plus Plan.

I compile the profile with information and some portfolio projects. 

I also submit a couple of proposals... but, if I search for ZeraTech as an Agency in the search "Freelancers and Agencies" it is not found.

I invited a colleague of mine to enter as a member of the agency: he cannot find the agency too (even if it appears under his profile).

Can you help us? why our agency is not visible?

Thank you very much, 




Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Chiara,


This is currently working as designed. The search tile will either show the freelancer separately (if the freelancer is non-exclusive and the agency isn't a default team) or the agency with relevant freelancer information underneath. I checked and it looks like you're still a non-exclusive member of your agency and there is no default team selected. To select a default team, please go to your freelancer account Settings> My Teams and then Set Default Team.


Thank you!

~ Bojan

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Chiara S Member Since: Oct 23, 2019
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Thank you Bojan!

I set as you told and now the agency is shown!