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Agency members hiring and time tracking



I have been reading some thread about this and most answers I found are from 2015-2018. I'm wondering if there are already some changes about this.


I'm planning to upgrade to an Agency Plus account but first I wanted to ask if the client still has to hire my team member individually for them to be able to work on that project? If so, when the client hires that certain team member, whose rates are they going to see? Me when I applied for it or the new freelancer's rates?


Then when the client adds me and another freelancer and we have different rates, are we charging the client based on our individual rates or a specific rate set during proposal?




Hi Jed, 


I would like to clarify that clients can hire your team members but also your team members can be involved in the project via transitioning work. You can check Upwork Terms of Service for more information. 

Hiring additional members would be like creating additional contracts, so terms are set and they are all processed individually. 


When a client hires an agency member, the agency will be notified at every step and may choose to be involved in the relationship. They may negotiate the rates, participate in the interview, or even remain involved during the contract. It’s up to the agency to decide how to manage their relationships with their members. 


I advise you to check this article to help you understand how hiring an agency works. You can also check this page for more information about rates. 

~ Nikola
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Hi Nikola,


I'm creating my Agency, and I want to know if a freelancer can track agency work hours and individual contracts at the same time?


Thank you.


Hi Oscar,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I would like to clarify that they will not be able to track time for two contracts simultaneously but they are free to work on two hourly contracts during the different parts of the day. They will also not be able to add manual time for hours where there is tracked time already. 


~ Nikola
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