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Paying agency members on Upwork with hourly contract

i Have both a client account and I am also an agency owners, and I would like to confirm if the following situtation is considered an acceptable use, because I can't figure it out from reading Upwork Term.

I run multiple online businesses, the digital agency is one of them and the team structure is composed of +90% of freelancers


I would like to pay agency members for the work they done via Upwork (Hourly Contracts) for multiples reasons:

- Staying compliant with work classification and legilation

- As manager, I want to have all the work done in one place, and have visibility on their work via time tracking

- As they are freelancers, I want to motivate them by giving them the chance to build their work history on Upwork


Please let me if this possible to do it in Upwork

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It's OK if you have an Upwork agency and those people are properly added to the agency as agency freelancers and are hired by the clients correctly through your agency.


It is not OK if you hire them from your client account to do your (or the agency's) work.



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