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How do I hire a person at one rate and mark up their hours on my agency account?

Hello. I have a new agency account and I'm trying to wrap my head around how Upwork handles resources billing particular projects. Up until now I've been operating primarily under my personal upwork account. I've added a few resources to my agency, but I haven't been able to figure out how to hire a resource at one rate and have their rate marked up in the agency account. All of the charge backs that I make to clients every week under my personal account are starting become very tedious and I want to figure this out as quickly as I can so that when my resources are charging a project that it gets automatically assigned to the right project and marked up appropriately so that I can more easily manage my billing. Thank you!

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AFAIK, the rates are set per Agent. In my (very limited) experience, the Agency's "default" rate is not actually implemented in any capacity. It is just a published value on your Agency's profile.


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