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Save yourself - Avoid forming an Upwork Agency

I have been a freelancer on Upwork for more than three years. I have earned over $100k and rank in the top 3% of Freelancers, so I have driven value from the platform as an individual freelancer. 


My success - both on Upwork and through other channels - has led me to quit my job and do consulting full time. As part of this strategy, I formed an Agency on Upwork. While I was aware of some of the negative reviews, I wanted to give it a chance. I engaged Agency Plus as I wanted to ensure access to every available feature. 


Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

Creating an Upwork Agency is absolutely useless. It's basically starting on Upwork from ground zero and building up a whole new business, ignoring recognition of the work that has been previously done by agency participants - including the owner.


There is no way to take advantage of the availability badge, boosting the profile, adding a set project catalog or prioritizing proposals.


I bought 'connects' to see if this would open up some of this functionality, but it appears my money has been spent in vain. Connects are useless in an agency. *** Upwork - Why would you sell me something that I can't use? ***


I have downgraded my subscription to the free version. I'll give Upwork another two months to actually add value to this offering, and then I'll close the Upwork Agency and use my other channels exclusively.

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Same! i need a refund of my money.

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Hello, do you have available slot for a freelancer? I'm willing to apply please.

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didn't know about this til you shared, Thank you for the insights. 

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