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Setting up an Agency


I am planning on setting up an Agency on Upwork and open a company and employ myself. I have a few questions if anyone can help.

What happens to the contracts that are currently under my name? Can I transfer these to the Agency without the client having to send a new contract for the Agency?

Also, how can I set up a bank account for the Agency with the company's bank account?\

Thank you.



Hi Eva,


Thank you for reaching out for this query. Your agency profile will always show key statistics pulled from Upwork, including your agency roster, members, and business managers.


That said, transfers of contracts from your freelancer profile to your Agency are not an option. However, to help keep agencies running smoothly, agency owners, business managers, and admins can all edit your agency members' general and specialized profile rates and visibility. These details can be changed in Find Work › Agency Roster.


We suggest you check the articles in this section to learn more about how to manage your Agency best.


~ Arjay
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