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Mar 20, 2023
Using Generative AI on Upwork

We are excited about the public release of generative AI (AI) solutions like ChatGPT and recognize the advantages of AI to enhance productivity and project deliverables. We also know that transparency is essential to establishing and maintaining trust between clients and the freelancers they work with, which is why we recommend being transparent about which tools you use to complete your work, including the use of artificial intelligence products. Permitted tools can be clarified in a contract, job proposal, or message to help avoid any confusion or potential dispute. We also recommend reviewing contracts carefully, as clients can encourage or restrict the use of specific tools, including AI, in their projects.


As a reminder, when you post content on Upwork, per our Terms of Service (TOS), you agree that the content won't violate intellectual property rights or the Terms of Service of another platform. With that in mind, if you choose to use AI-assisted tools to create content for a proposal or complete a job, we recommend that you first confirm that the content is original and complies with the TOS of the generating platform for utilization as an end-state work product.


We aim to continue promoting a trusted and safe environment; with the use of disclosures, you can help be part of that while still experimenting with new tools.


About the author: Brent Pliskow is GM, VP of Customer Support; he joined Upwork in April 2022. In his spare time, he loves to bake - a hobby he picked up in the early days of the pandemic. His sourdough starter is now more than 3 years old!