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Account Suspension

I believe my account was suspended through pure racial ignorance.  I have a commissioned tribal painting that I wanted to hire to convert to vector and the moderators immediately suspended the account.  It reeks of racial ignorance as I see thousands of similar ads and they're not suspended. The only difference to this is it's a commissioned painting by a native artist which happens ALL THE TIME in the native community.  Which the moderators would know if they weren't ignorant to native communities.


But... this website WILL NOT let me enter the ticketing system to reply.  I can't reply to the email and can't get live chat.


How does someone get through to the moderators so I can reply to this ticket?


They're asking for more information on the painting.  What am I supposed to do?

Go 200km into the Canadian wilderness to the rez, find the artist, bring him to the office, and have him type out "i painted the painting"?  It's a commissioned piece of art!  There IS NO MORE INFO to give.


Hi Wabishki,


I'm sorry to hear you've had a negative experience after you've posted a job. Rest assured that this was not our intention as we simply want to ensure that our workplace maintains the highest standard of professionalism and trust. I see the team reached out to you asking for more information about the ownership of the piece. Please consider following up with our team so that they can assist you furter. You can access your ticket on this page.


Are you able to access the ticket while logged into your account here or via the email notification? Let us know if you see any errors when accessing the ticket.


~ Nikola
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I cannot follow up with the team.  I've been trying to get onto live chat but the option isn't available anymore.  I can access that page but I can't access the ticket because everytime I try it gives me a login dialogue which will not allow me to login either.

I can access the ticket notification in my email but I can't reply to the ticket in ANY WAY AT ALL

Even if I could... what follow up would I do?  We commissioned a painting from a traditional artist who lives in the Canadian wilderness and want it vectorized.  What else are we expected to prove? More to the point... HOW do we prove its OUR painting?

What am I supposed to do here?

Hi Wabishki,


I understand your frustration. However, we won't be able to share more information here in the Community. Our Trust & Safety team could further assist you directly. To communicate with them, you could simply reply to the email notification you've received about the ticket (sending a response via email will update the ticket) or you can access the ticket using an alternative browser. We’ve heard of some limited issues with accessing support tickets from the Firefox browser. If that's the browser you're using, that may be preventing you to access the ticket. The recommended action is to disable tracking protection for https://support.upwork.com. You can see a screenshot of where to find this option below. Let us know if this works for you.


~ Valeria

I've tried that and it STILL does not work.  I keep getting a popup in which my account credentials do not work.  When I close that login box I can see the ticket but the entire screen is almost greyed out with a spinning 'loading' gif on the screen.

The email ticket comes from an email 'DONOTREPLY@upwork.com'.  I'm supposed to reply to an email that says do not reply?

What more information do you guys want about the painting?



One of our support agents reached out to you directly to troubleshoot the issue with accessing that ticket and to help with communicating with the Trust & Safety team. You should get an email notification about that and can reply to it directly via email. Thanks!

~ Valeria
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If you posted a job asking for a freelancer to vectorise a painting, it was probably flagged as a copyright violation and has nothing to do with racism. As for you having to go "into the Canadian wilderness to the rez", surely this artist has a phone and/or an email address?

No.  The artist literally doesn't have either.  There are still some people who live traditionally. 

Not to mention vectorizing a painting has nothing to do with copyright! What if I painted it myself?  I see a LOT of ads vectorizing photos and images but none of those are flagged as copyright violations.

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