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Closing Account/Refund

I was looking to bring my own freelancer as I have worked with her previously. I was made aware that my account would be temporarily charged two fees which will be refunded in 10 days. I have checked my account in order to verify this, but it is not yet visible. The project I was hoping for her to work on for me is no longer needed and I no longer wish to use Upwork and would like to close my account and remove my payment information. I am unable to close my account and would like to do so immediately. Additionally, i would like to make sure I am definitely refunded the fees taken. Please advise. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Samantha,


I see all the actions taken on your account transpired in the last hour. Please note that the verification amounts were refunded about 20 minutes ago but since you had an Hourly contract, you won't be able to close your account until the weekly billing cycle (Monday after 12pm UTC time).


~ Vladimir
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