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DevOps SQL - Linux Debian SSH



I am new to the terms of DevOps skills, so basically I have a server on linux-debian-ssh, that runs python through SQL. I have a php expert that was installing and setting this up, but unfortunately, I would need more of such a man power. But problem is, he said this is not really his expertise as he had to learned and spent time to get to able to do this work, so he suggested me to find a DevOps freelancers. But as I hired a new devops guy, he turned out can do python & SQL, so I was like what the heck ...?


I made my job post title to be 'DevOps SQL - Linux Debian SSH', but seems I am kind of failing in finding the right fit skilled freelancer as most of the proposal would said 'sorry I can't do this'.

As I know PhP are separated with python guy, but seems both PhP & python guy would know how to work on SQL ?.

So who is the real DevOps skill, so what do php/python/sql experts learnt in school ?

So how do I customize my job post ? 


Thank You




Hello Ely,


Apologies for the delay in responding to your post. I shared your report with our team and one of our agents will reach out to you using a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your support tickets here.


- Pradeep

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It just really depends on the freelancers' experience and skills.

DevOps can be thought of as a blending of system administration skills and software development skills. 

There are freelancers out there ( I am one) who can do PHP, Python, and SQL  perhaps you need to just specify all the skill sets you need in the job post.

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Ill clear some items up for you.
Linux-debian-ssh  is = Operating System/Linux DIstro-Connection method.
PHP is very different than Python
I'm not clear on what you meant by "runs python through SQL".    SQL is used to query information from Oracle SQL databases.  Python and PHP can both be used to submit those queries, which my be entering, modifying or returning information from a databse, or even perform database administration tasks.
Many tasks can be accomplished with both PHP and Python alone,  however PHP is more heavily utilized with MySql for the purposes of creating web sites. 
Yes, a php dev, or a python dev should know how to utilize SQL or MySQL, as well as be proficient on Linux.
It looks like you found a dishonest Wordpress designer, and a dishonest something else.......
I'm a software dev with 15 years expereice (a real one), can handle Python, and SQL, Mysql, Javascript, Java and others, but my strongest proficiency is PHP. I can help you if you like.

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