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I applied for a job in UpWork and I had to rewrite 55 pages for a total of 2300$. So 40 dollars per page? When I was done with the project, I submitted it to the company through Gmail. I waited for the confirmation so I could receive my 2300$. It was verified but they asked me to pay 100$ linking fee. I contacted their financial secretary about this. I told him I don't have 100$ at the moment. He told me I can pay 50$ instead of 100$ so I can recieve my salary payment afterwards. Does this seem legit or fake?

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No. Not legit.


Those people are scammers. Not a real job.


You made a lot of mistakes here. But the good thing is that you won't make those same mistakes again in the future.


You communicated off-platform before having a contract. Big mistake. And a violation of Upwork rules you could be suspended for doing that.


You worked without having a contract. Big mistake. You wasted your time.


Please ask if you have any remaining questions.

Oh, thanks for replying! I haven't payed a single dollar to them because it seemed off to me. 


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I'm glad you didn't pay them anything but I'm afraid they're not going to pay you anything for the 55 pages you rewrote. I suggest you read this article carefully so you won't be taken advantage of again. 

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
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You applied but we're never actually awarded the job. You will probably not see a penny. No legitimate job would ask for any kind of fee to transfer money. That is what Upwork escrow is for. You would be wise to familiarize yourself with the way things work here. Lots of docs to help.

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You made a few typical beginner's mistakes:

1. Your profile does not even hint at what skills you have and are trying to sell. No serious client would ever hire a person who doesn't offer marketable skills on their profile.

2. Typing words from a pdf isn't a real job, it's just a pretense to keep you busy until they hit you up for money. 

3. You need to remedy #1 if you are serious about getting real jobs on upwork. 

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