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First time job poster - some questions

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Yosh M Member Since: Jan 7, 2018
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I am trying out your platform for the first time. I do not understand what parts of my job posting will be visible to applicants. For example, if I want to work on a fixed price basis, you require me to specify a budget. Does the potential freelancer see that budget? I'd like to fully describe the project (following an NDA) and have the potential freelancer make a bid. Because this project is important and time is critical, I may hire two people to work independently to reduce my risk. But my overall budget is my business, not theirs.


Similarly, I'd like someone who knows what they're doing in my very specific need. For that I want expert level. But for HL7, for example, I do not need expert level - e.g., all the aspects of HL7 are far beyond what we need. I need high expertise in maybe 5-10% of HL7. I don't see how to communicate that in my posting.


I will appreciate your guidance.




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Hasmik V Member Since: Aug 12, 2017
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Hey Yosh,
While you are asked to specify your budget, which will be visible to freelancers, it can be only a placeholder. Once you have chosen your contractors you can discuss the prices with them and make two contracts with different payments based on your agreements. Don't forget to mention about this in your job description to avoid misunderstandings
Same with the expertize level. Describe what exactly you need. I am a freelancer too and I pay more attention to the job description than to the expertize level.
Hope this helps!

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Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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Unfortunately Upwork doesn't *exactly* work like a bricks-and-mortar RFP type deal. If you want to find freelancers, you need to specify what the job is that you need done (in as much detail as possible), and a ballpark figure of your expected budget (you can specify its a placeholder, but you'll get better responses if you have a ballpark instead of, say, just putting $5). If you want to hire two freelancers to do different things, then you should post two jobs. If you want to hire two freelancers to split one job, then you can probably just have post one.


Ultimately, you'll get the best responses if you can be as detailed as possible in the job post.