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Fixed price project. How to change amount?

Hi! I had a unsucessful coopeartion with a freelancer. We agreed to end coppeartion with him not finishing the job. As he invested some time, we agreed upon to pay him half of the money(125$) from what we had agreed upon(250$). How can I as a client close this and pay him half of the fixed price amount?

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Community Manager

Hi Edgars,


When releasing payment to the freelancer you can choose to release only part of the funds in Escrow. Check this help article to learn how.


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Andrea G, is Edgar S able to get the unused portion of funds refunded back from Upwork, or do they sit in Escrow for a certain period of time?

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Hi Calli,


Thank you for your response and clarification. Arjay here stepping in for Andrea. Any remaining funds can be used to fund the next milestone, or you can request an escrow refund for the remaining amount.


~ Arjay
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