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Freelancer do want to complete the project

Hello Gent,


We hired freelancer ( we thought he is, but they are a company hiding behind freelancer name) in Oct 2022 and they told us the project will be completed in 45 days in thier contract and proposal, and then they kept asking for money and they are saying they will completing the remaining points in the next release.

until now they still playing and we gave them a chances but no working app is provided.

we would like to stop with them and refund at least half of what they took, how can we make that please, we need this money to fund the project with another freelancer.

please can you help me to do that.



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I am very sorry that you had a disappointing experience while using Upwork.


In order to have a more successful experience in the future, you should do things differently.


It is NOT the freelancer's responsibility to make sure your project is completed.

It is the project manager's responsibility.


Your project manager let you down.

Sure sir, however and as he is freelancer getting money from upwork members, he should respect all of us and provide us the work, regardless the quality which is the responsible of the project manager.

I want to stop with them and refun back half of my money as they completed only half of it.

i have some money still in escrow

please tell me how can i do that?


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