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Google Ads Contest Scam

I've been using Upwork for 7 years now, and I just got scammed by a freelancer who does Google Ads Management. It honestly is my fault that I fell for it. I paid him some on Upwork for basic management, but the 1k "refundable deposit" for the google ads contest had to be outside of Upwork (sigh... can't believe I did it). If I won, it would be $10,000 in google ads credits. All just a big fat hoax. 

I just want to get this post out there in the community in case anyone is researching about this google ads contest. If you are considering opting in for this contest, DON'T FALL FOR IT!! IT'S A SCAM!!


I've obviously left an atrocious upwork review for this freelancer, and buried in his review history he has other really bad reviews. I should have done more research on this freelancer. I also flagged him. Hopefully, he'll be off of Upwork but who knows.... It just hurts when you get swindled like that. 

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What on earth is a Google ads "contest"? Google has contests? 

Nope. Some ads-promos possible to refresh client's activity but you won't pay $1000 for that.

The way it was pitched to me was that if you have an 85% or above optimization score you will be able to get all these ad credits right into your account. Obviously, I was a fool for believing it. 

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Always follow Upwork's Terms of Service and these types of issues would not occur.

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