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How to deal with lie-filled feedback?

Hey all, 

I hired a freelancer to redesign a PDF and, while I vetted her out before hiring her,the quality of her first submission was so poor that I did not want to continue. Aside from all the elements being from the 80's, so many of it was misaligned and overlapping etc.

Rather than continue working with her, I told her it was clear we were a mismatch, that I no longer wanted to work with her and that I was happy to pay her half the full amount straight away to acknowledge her work, but to cqncept the project as I'd have to rank her low on quality if we continued. I didn't want to harm her reputation on Upwork merely because of a mismatch. I was trying to do her a favour. 

However, she refused and so I spoke to Upwork to help me find a solution. They told me that I'd have to submit a mediation request. But again, I didn't want to spoil he freelancing career with a poor review. So I told her I'd happily pay the full amount without her doing any revisions etc so I e could just get on with our lives.

I then ended the contract, paid her the full amount and gave her a 4.2* rating (5* on everything except quality).

Next thing I know, she has given me 1* and filled her feedback with lies to justify it.

Althiugh they can be verified as lies by comparing her public feedback to her private discussion with me, Upwork refuse to get involved saying she is entitled to her opinion. 


I now feel like I need to tread carefully with future freelancers to avoid offending them our of fear of them  giving me defamatory reviews. 


Her fake feedback and my loss of faith in Upwork are both very upsetting for me and I'd really appreciate if any other clients can advise me on what I should do.


Many thanks. 

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I am not a client.  You don't have to be worried about ruining our reputation.  We deserve what we are capable of.  If unhappy, just politely say so and close the contract.  

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 I didn't want to harm her reputation on Upwork merely because of a mismatch. I was trying to do her a favour. 

Your kindness was not reciprocated, which is unfortunate. Next time, be honest. You are doing future clients a big favor. 

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