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Hi, I have a client on upwork "Jesse Kamara". We agreed on a budget of $60 for script-writing, video editing and voiceover. I started working on the scripts but when I completed the script work i told him to activate the milestone but he told me to wait for a while as he was going on his vacations and when he got back from vacations he got unresponsive and was ignoring my messages. After one month he told me to wait for few days more and I waited but now he is saying that he can't pay me for the scripts as he has no money left to pay me for the work I did and said that he will contact me whenever he wants to start the project. I request the upwork to resolve my payment from him and kindly ban this person because he is scamming other people too. I know I made a mistake by not activating the milestone at first before starting the project but now I have learned from this mistake and I'll make sure this won't happen again.

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Hi Muhammad, For future work first activate the mildstone from client side then start the work. Because you are working for no one unless you have an active Work Mildstone.

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Never work on a project until it's funded. Click the above Academy link for success tips.

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