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Transfer of Files

1) I received a file from the freelancer I am working with and it shows him as the owner of the file. I asked him to switch the ownership in Google to show me as the owner of the file. He seems reluctant. What are your insights?


2) The freelancer ask me for my email address to send me the file. While I was typing in my email, I got a prompt message from Upwork NOT to take the conversation outside Upwork. What is the cleanest way to transfer documents? Why would the freelancer be uncomfortable switching ownership of the files to me. Is email or google the best way to transfer files?

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Hi Constance,


If the job has not yet been completed and paid for, then the freelancer still has full rights to the work, however upon completion of the job and at the point in which you have approved the work and released payment for it, you will own the rights to the work and can request the ownership of the file be switched over to you. 

It is fine to communicate with a freelancer off of Upwork as necessary, so emails are okay, just keep in mind that taking payments off the platform however would not be allowed. Hope that clears things up!


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