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Upwork Talent Specialist Gone Wrong -- STOP CHEATING YOUR CUSTOMERS!

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Witdiwat K Member Since: Oct 31, 2019
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Dear Upwork community, 


I have generally had good experience with paying an expensive premium fee for my job post and hired talent specialists to help me filter good candidates. However, this good experience came to an end a few months ago. And as a matter of fact, the current service couldn't be worse in my opinion. 


In the past, the talent specialists would send me a shortlist of good quality candidate within 20 minutes of my job post, and would discuss with me regarding my needs, check in with me frequently if the candidates that he/she found would meet my needs, or if he/she needed to help me look for more. This, however, was not the case since couple of months ago. 
Whenever I post a job now, the talent specialist that I got assigned to would never be online and would never be responsive, nor would he look for any candidates for me. What we had to do was to contact the customer service department, but would be told that this is handled by the talent specialist department and that they would get back to me in 24 hours. And indeed, 24 hours later, I would get their response -- basically saying --"I am busy, serving a lot of clients. I tried to search, but nobody on upwork fits your requirement", which is completely bull**bleep**ting.
If you want to ask any follow up questions, that would be another marathon run. You would have to contact the customer support again, explaining the whole issue, because the talent specialist would not answer your follow-up questions. And this will just become an endless cycle, wasting clients ++++++ time.
This is not an individual case. It happened again and again. 
Customer service department is completely useless, since they cannot handle the issue. And specialist department is never reachable from customer' side, which makes the problem 10 times more frustrating. 
If Upwork still cares about your integrity and your business reputation, you should STOP CHEATING YOUR CUSTOMERS FROM NOW ON! 
Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Witdiwat,


We're sorry about the delay in following up on your post and apologize for the bad experience you've had communicating with our talent specialist. I've reviewed your communication and do see there is room for improvement in the way the talent specialist communicated with you.


I'd also like to ask you to follow up on the question our agent posted on your support ticket yesterday in order for our team to assist you further.