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Writing an Awesome Job Post/Description -- Don't forget to include this!

I'm a top-rated Japanese translator and editor who has worked on about a dozen contracts on Upwork so far.


One critical thing that is often missing from job descriptions is the name of the client's company or brand.


I've dedicated my career to sustainability, so the mission and values of my clients matter a lot to me. I want to know if potential clients are working to have a better impact on the world. The name of the company is an essential clue for learning more about what the company does, what industry it's a part of, and whether it's doing important work in its field.


Failure to include any information that connects me to your company/business and the people in it makes job posts far less attractive. It also leaves me feeling less valued: Even clear, detailed descriptions of what clients want sound one-sided, not as calls for collaboration. We freelancers may be contingent, but that doesn't mean we don't crave work that is meaningful and connects us to other like-minded humans.


These articles are great resources for writing an attractive job description--but they miss the point I'm making:



(Geoffrey comes close to making the same point in Step #6.)


So if you want to write a great job description that attracts talented freelancers who care about the things you care about, include your company name--or any other information that gives freelancers a clue for learning more about your company and the work you're doing.


Thanks for reading!

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On the other hand...


For most job posts, I strongly advise clients to not post the name of their company or brand.


For obvious reasons.

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What are those reasons?

I'm a freelancer, so the reasons are not obvious to me. Your response could help me better understand clients.

The risk of being contacted and stalked by a dozen freelancers, desperate, directly via your professional email.

Exactly the type of profiles you're trying to avoid. 🤔

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That sounds like a great reason not to include any identifying information.


It makes me wonder, though, what clients actually experience when they include their company name. Such job posts are uncommon, but I've come across a number of them and I really appreciate it. I get to learn more about the company and any relevant info such as the content they're already creating. Sometimes I decide they're not a good fit for me, and sometimes I get stoked, because I love what they're doing and I want be a part of it.


Clients would have to weight the risk you mention with the risk of not appealing to freelancers who would be a better fit--and do a better job as a result.


I think this is especially true for job posts seeking a long-term collaboration. The risk you mentioned doesn't seem that different from the risk on any other online job board--where the company name is always stated, even for part-time/remote jobs. 


Thanks for your input!


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