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credit card fraud

The credit card I use on Upword was recently compromised and used by a third party to buy Playstation video games from a web site "orange". Since this fraud happened shortly after adding my card information on Upwork, I was wondering whether other users have also experienced credit card fraud with cards on Upwork.


Best, ben

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Hi Ben,


I am sorry you had issues with your card. We take security very seriously and as it has been noted in your ticket with our support team, we haven't found any evidence to suggest this was related to adding the card to Upwork. 

~ Valeria
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Our credit card was also used fraudulently shortly after adding to Upwork. Not saying this site was the problem, since it was not the only place I used the card, but we are wondering...

Hi Cheryl,


I'm sorry about the issue you had with your credit card. Please contact Customer Support so our team could confirm the integrity of the information you provided on your Upwork account.

~ Vladimir
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I recently joined upwork to get some work done and added a credit card to my account and got hacked on the same day. I have had my card for three years without any issues or fraud. The moment I put this onto my upwoek account my bank called me and said there had been a suspicious transaction of more than $1500. It is definitely not a coincidence. 

Hi Robert, 


I've escalated your concern to the team. One of our agents will reach out and assist you directly via a support ticket.

~ Joanne
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