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I was overcharged by a web designer and he did not design what I asked for. Upwork did nothing to protect me. Now I have hired a lawyer. I just want to warn others about my experience.

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If it was an hourly contract, in setting it up you stipulated a maximum number of hours that could be logged on the project each week. For each week that hours were charged, you had from Monday until Friday the following week to review the work that was done and the hours that were billed, and question or challenge either one.


If it was a fixed-price project, then you had 14 days from the time work was submitted on each milestone to review it and request changes or challenge it in any way, before payment was made from escrow to the freelancer.



By any chance, are you inclined to share more details?

Charissa, I hope you're only paying the lawyer out of money you recover from the freelancer, because on hourly Upwork contracts, clients can only dispute the hours worked, not the quality of work.

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re: "Now I have hired a lawyer."


Um... I'm sorry if you had a bad experience using Upwork, but that is not how this works.


As clients we don't hire lawyers to manage freelancers and contracts.

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Hi Charissa,


As other Community members pointed out on this thread, Upwork has multiple tools to help clients and freelancers manage their contracts and payments. Additionally, we offer Payment Protection which you can read more about here.


I see that you already have tickets with our team regarding this contract. Please, post any questions or concerns you have in those tickets.

~ Valeria
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