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20 new jobs for you!

The first one on today's list makes me think UW could be deploying its resources (human and/or algorithmic) more productively.



Featured Job  -  $100,000 Budget  -  Entry level

Needs to hire 4 freelancers


Looking for to hire Whole Team which will Work Together hand in hand , we'll pay for your local and everything . We are serious and we are looking for serious people who will not make us lose our time and money training them . if you don't think you are talented for one of the jobs below , please just don't apply.


Preferred Qualifications

Job Success Score: at least 90%

Location: Egypt, Phillippines  ! You do not meet this qualification


Client's work history and feedback:

1 fixed-price job at $16.00

1 fixed-price job at $17.50


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And entry level no doubt.

I'm serious, maybe I should apply.

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