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Suggestion: Use the connects to boost your name on top of the list.

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Elmar Rhex G Member Since: Jul 18, 2015
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I know not all people spend their connect(s) and it turns out that remaining connects become useless and then again the possibility of getting a job offer is very LOW , what if connects are usable for boosting your name in the list. The more connects you sacrifice the better boost you will get.




Job seeker premium benefit 2.PNG


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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Today, I've decided to blow through 120 connects and Ima just post this as my proposal



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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Kudos to Elmar for thinking outside the box.


I know there are things a bit like this on other platforms, where people can pay money to boost the prominence of their job applications... And I hate that...


But I actually don't hate this idea.


With an understanding that contractors should really not be paying for connects... if a contractor is willing to sacrifice double the connects needed because they don't apply to so many jobs, and they REALLY think this particular job is a good fit... Then I don't see how this would be a bad thing.


You still can't buy your way into getting a job if a client doesn't want to hire you... But if you want to apply to half as many jobs, but make yourself a bit more prominently featured in a client's job applicant feed... I don't see how that would be unfair or harmful to the overall system.


There's not a snowball's chance in heck of this actually getting implemented, and I'm sure a LOT of people will hate the idea. But it's interesting to think about.

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Mikhail N Member Since: Jul 18, 2015
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I honestly can't get an idea how can you blow through all the connects and still lack work... I hardly ever spent even 20% of the allotment. You should do a better job of writing cover letters IMO, it's not about connects that make finding clients difficult to you.

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Preston wrote, "There's not a snowball's chance in heck of this actually getting implemented, and I'm sure a LOT of people will hate the idea. But it's interesting to think about."


Here's another idea with no chance of being adopted--autohide insurance. Spend an extra connect or 2 and Upwork guarantees it will not autohide your application.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
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Michael Z Member Since: Jul 19, 2015
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As above poster said: 

Even for someone relatively new to Upwork and who is into the most "active" part of upwork (web/mobile app creation) I find it relatively easy to get a "good" job and several "medicore" jobs in a month.  

I always make sure that IF someone reads my conver letter and view my profile,  they will want to interview me.  I myself would not dislike this feature being added, but I still wouldn't utilize it.  It means I would simply go for jobs later in the month, when most people are low on connects.