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Why not encouraging freelancers by a ranking system?



I have an idea for Upwork team, why not having a ranking system with symbolic rewards if possible (like  the gold play button of Youtube ) based on yearly earnings or based on the amount of jobs done in the year? I think this will encourage freelancers to work more and be competitive, what do you think guys?

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I see your idea, but some people do one or two big jobs a year, some do loads of little ones, some earn less as they request less pay due to the economic climate of their country, and some prefer hourly over milestones, and so on. Therefore, it wouldn't be fair one way or the other. 


Upwork already has a symbolic system in place: JSS. This ranks the Upworker based on feedback both publically and privately per jobs completed. Also, on everyone's profile, you can see how many jobs they have done, how much they have earned, and so on. Plus, freelancing isn't a competition like being a social media star or YouTube star. 


I see from your profile, like myself, you have done a lot of jobs (over 300). And I see where you are coming from, that your hard work should be rewarded. If Upwork did do something like this, I'd go with it, but I personally do not think it is needed or would work. 


Just my opinion, however. 🙂



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The need to support myself financially provides all the encouragement I need to work more and be competitive. I don't need for UW to award merit badges. I need for UW to direct all available resources into making sure the basic functionality of the platform is reliable and accurate.

You can certainly highlight on your own profile that you've complete x number of jobs and earned x amount (even though that info shows... for me they break it down to only what I've earned in each specialized profile, which irks me, so I wouldn't mind clarifying that on my profile)

But here's the thing...I am not in competition with anyone else. I don't give a hoot what other freelancers do. I run my business, they run theirs. Extra bells and whistles? Nah. Can do without them.

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