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Sep 29, 2023
I Asked This Upwork Coach How to Start in 2023 (w/ Robert O'Kruk)

From Robert:


🟢 As of Sep 2023, I’ve supported 200+ one-on-one clients and 30,000+ students. I currently lead the Upwork community in the sheer number of freelancers I have helped in mastering the nuances of Upwork success.


🟢 I practice what I preach. I teach what I know from personal Upwork success and, even better what I’ve learned through shared experiences of all of my clients. No theory, just a rock-solid battle-tested process.


🟢 My vibe. Honesty is essential to me. I won’t tell you what you want to hear. I’ll tell you what you honestly need to hear to move the needle. Don’t take this the wrong way! I’m compassionate, fun, and friendly to work with. I’m not afraid to kick some ass as needed (AKA yours).


🟢 For me, success on Upwork is about empowering freelancers with the same freedom and flexibility that I’ve achieved. It’s allowed me to travel the world, fall deeply in love for the first time and massively change my life for the better. I don’t care if you want to travel or stay at home in pyjamas with your family. I deeply care to empower you with the choice.



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