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Nov 03, 2022
Tech Woman of the Mountains

I belong to the beautiful yet isolated area of Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan. The vicinity, although rich in natural resources that attract thousands of tourists, does not have much to offer to its people in terms of higher education, employment opportunities, or technology. Thus, students are compelled to move to other cities for higher education.


I always felt that women should come forward and become a part of the tech world. I took the responsibility to give back to society in a way that utilizes my skills and knowledge and will help me inspire and motivate women back home. To fully equip myself with the best knowledge of my subject, I did various courses and gained relevant experiences.

After completing my intermediate studies in my hometown, I went to Government College Women's University Faisalabad Pakistan where I studied Computer Science. After graduating, I came back to my hometown with the aim of doing something that will have a profound positive impact on society. However, things did not work out the way I had imagined they would. The first real problem was finding a platform from which I could start working. This struggle was a real eye-opener for me. I spent the time thinking about similar issues that a lot of women out there face. I didn't lose hope and kept searching for opportunities.

Being an active member of social media has played a vital role in my personal and professional development. I availed all the available opportunities through my outreach on social media. I found TechScape on Facebook and little was I aware that it was the start of a transformational journey. The amazing team of TechScape provided me with an opportunity for my skills to flourish and introduced me to Upwork which I consider to be the best marketplace, especially for women like me who are not allowed to work with male colleagues. 

After enjoying the work I was doing on Upwork, I came up with an idea to introduce the work-from-home model to people around me in a small town surrounded by mountains with a male dominant society and no job opportunities, especially for girls.  
At TechScape, I met some of the best people who believed in my idea and motivated me to go the extra mile and bring a change in the rigid tech world of Gilgit-Baltistan.


SheDev became the first-ever women-led and owned tech company in Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan. I am currently serving as the CEO of SheDev (Pvt. Ltd) at the age of 22. At SheDev we help women to find skills that fit them, train them, and help them find dynamic earning opportunities. We have a team of 32 passionate women who believe in the idea of SheDev and their skills and are working hard to bring an apparent change in society.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you and inspire you to reach your maximum potential. I am a passionate leader who believes in empowerment through technology and digital skills. I always intend to inspire with my interpersonal skills and ability to develop the vision of my company.