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Jan 12, 2023
Tips for getting started from a Top Rated Plus Science Writer

It’s a new year and with it comes new opportunities to grow our businesses and careers. To help you achieve your goals, we’ve collected career and business advice from executives within Upwork, human resources experts, experienced freelancers, and business leaders. We’ll be sharing these tips all month long! You can subscribe to the blog to avoid missing this valuable insight.




Here's Sheeva's full advice: "My favorite career tip for freelancers is to start small. Don't do too much, too soon. Work with the resources you have (even if it's an internet connection and a slow laptop), and as you gain more clients, incorporate the skills and experience you gain on-the-job to upskill and attract more clients. Then you can expand from there (for example, buying a fancier laptop after you land more high-paying work). Failure is pretty common in the business world, so don't take your success for granted. Be prepared to adapt and solve problems creatively to stay resilient as a business."