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$1 for each job posting to get rid of FAKE Jobs

Around 70% of fakes jobs on our Upwork platform, need to be taken seriously and attention is needed sooner as possible.

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If the job is a scam, you will get your connects back.

Thank you Christine for sharing the information. As we already know such jobs are fake, so as Freelancers don't apply on. And I am not concerned about connects, but more the fake jobs should not be allowed.


Hi Sunny,


We count on your help and diligence to make the Upwork experience as safe as possible. If you see a violation of the Upwork Terms of Service, we encourage you to report it. We take every report of suspicious or inappropriate activity seriously. Every report is sent directly to our Trust and Safety team for investigation.


Feel free to check this page for more information about reporting violations. 

~ Nikola
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I do the same... But it feels weird to see so many fake job posts, This way sometimes we miss the real ones sometimes. 

That's the main point. Thank you Labonnya.

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Can't expect us to report them all, 1 bot equals 1000 men & women. Automated countermeasure is needed. 😄

Hello Nikola,


Yes, I always report such jobs, but they are becoming more and more.




Hi Nikola,


Don't rely only on freelancers to flag endless streams of posts.


Start by banning URLs and blacklisting words (Telegram, What'sApp etc.). It's not a perfect solution, but at least in my case, it would reduce fake posts by 50%. I'm sure it would help others too.


This community is a giant brainstorming session but it seems like UW is ignoring freelancers' input and  just putting the burden on us to filter/flag/report and "read this handy post on scams put together by fed-up freelancers like yourself."


As I've said elsewhere, I love this platform and it breaks my heart to watch it circle the drain.

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This would mean registering a payment method before posting a job. As many people have pointed out, that would drive away legitimate clients as well as scammers. What's needed is for freelancers not to fall for scams, and then the pestilence of scammers and their fake jobs will disappear. In the history of Upwork, there has probably never been a scam committed against a freelancer that wasn't preventable.

Although many of us have asked, we have yet to get an answer from Upwork itself why they won’t block job posts that include the words Telegram of WhatsApp in them from being posted, even though doing so violates their own ToS.

Peter G wrote:

Although many of us have asked, we have yet to get an answer from Upwork itself why they won’t block job posts that include the words Telegram of WhatsApp in them from being posted, even though doing so violates their own ToS.

I just had a brilliant idea: 

1. Background: I don't flag job postings any more because there are too many. I'm not going to flag 10 job postings in my feed when all of them are clearly scams. I was fine with flagging the occasional scam, but not when most of the jobs are scams.

2. The solution: We start flagging the genuine job posts with a new flagging option (please upwork) which is: Yeah! This one is good! Why? Because we can't be expected to flag and flag and flag and nothing happens to the scam posts, but this might educate CS what a real posting looks like. Then they can just delete the rest, bingo!

3. If you can't tell if I'm serious or joking, I can't tell either. 

That's the most creative idea yet - you should be Upwork CEO. 

From your mouth to the Upwork gods' ears.

This is an absolutely tone-deaf comment.


There have always been scams, and freelancers should exercise caution, but the situation is out of control.


If you read the many threads about this issue, you'll see that the main complaint is not that people are falling for the scams, but that they are ruining the UW experience for freelancers and likely for clients too. People are missing out on legit jobs and clients are not reaching quality freelancers because we're fed up with wading through endless fake jobs.




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If not $1 for posting a job, which requires adding a payment method, which might drive away legitimate clients ( mentioned by @Robert Y), then the Upwork system can check by "gmail.com" as most of those fake jobs have a gmail.com email address.

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A scammer made $10K from 28 jobs in 2 days last week. A $28 posting fee wouldn’t have made him think twice.  

Yes, I'm sure scammers are familiar with the concept of return on investment. They make far better profits than their victims, who think they can buy crypto or UC and sell it to the client at a 50 percent markup.

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