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A client won't see your latest jobs!

Hi everyone, I'm on Upwork for 6+ years and noticed something really weird concerning the page's UX. Maybe someone can help me understand:

With a client view, our profile shows the "relevant work" by default, not "all work". I checked for me and many profiles : it shows for example jobs from 2017, jobs with no feedback. 

If you're doing a good job and have new jobs finished to present, the first page should show that recent 2023 work, not like in my case a $ 5 job from 2017 when I started, with no feedback,  (see attached)

This selection is an algorithm based and shows BY DEFAULT seemingly random work. (or chosen work). A client looks on the first page to see what we have been doing lately but THIS IS NOT SHOWN. I assume this selection changes with time and can be an explanation of how Upwork adapts to push freelancers forward for example or decide that this freelancer "has the right"  to have good recent jobs. It's an assumption, I truly hope I'm wrong.

Verify for yourself, log in into client mode and look at your profile, look at the past jobs,

In my opinion, it means that you can have new awesome jobs and a potential client will never see them unless they scroll through some pages of your profile. How many will click on "all jobs", seriously?

What do you guys think, have you noticed it? Am I tripping?
Cheers, Marc

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Hi, I am new to Upwork and I need help 

a client message me for a project and the proposal was active but I did not know whether to start work or not

when i am sure i start work 


You only start when a contract is opened. (Fixed price or Hourly). Always the contract first!

So you can tell your client something like: "Dear client, I'm ready to start. Kindly send me the offer for our collaboration"

Be direct and ask for the offer. Good luck!

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