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After How Much Time, a Freelancer Starts Getting Orders Here?

Hi Upwork Community,

Can you please let me understand this querey?

After how much time, a freelancer stars gettng orders on Upwork?

I would highly appreciate your support.

Thank you

Amir Khurshid 

Amir Khurshid
Community Member

There is no specific time frame for winning jobs on Upwork since so many factors contribute to success. Every freelancer is different and most jobs are different, and several factors are at play (i.e., boosted bidding, number of jobs availabie in your niche or skill area, your skills/qualifications in relation to the jobs you apply to, etc.)


Based on these and other factors, some freelancers win their first job after sending 10 proposals, while others might have to send 30 or more proposals before seeing their first win.

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