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Bad Client

I started a $25 contract with one of my previous clients. He texted me to work for him as a modification to my previous work, so I didn't read the posting fully and accepted the offer, saying we could revise it later after I saw the amount of work to be done or he could pay me a bonus. I've worked for about 15 hours, the client has completely ignored my request to revise my offer. He simply wishes to complete his task. So there were two significant pieces of work: design and drawing. I finished the design, ended the contract, and refunded all of his money. I also gave him all of the completed files and information about the software I used, and told him to hire someone else.


I returned his money and my 70% work, but he telling me to finish the work for $25. I can't do it because he disregards freelancer time and effort.


I can end the contract, right? I am not taking any money from client and even gave him my work. And now I want him to stop contacting me, how's that possible?

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End the contract.

Right click on his name in Messages and BLOCK him from contacting you.


If you end the contract, all money in escrow goes back to the client.

If you were not paid anything for the work, then your work BELONGS TO YOU.

You can post your work in your portfolio.

I dont want to kick you while you are down... but:

You used the words "bad client" as this thread's subject heading.

The main problem in this case was not the client.

The main problem was the freelancer:
The freelancer did not have a solid plan for pricing the contract properly and telling a client "no" when the client asked for more work.


In the future:

DON'T WORK FOR 15 HOURS for $25.


If you set up a fixed-price contract, make sure you specify what the work is that you will do, and don't work for one second more after you have completed the task.

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Very important learning point here as Preston mentioned. I have always made money and got good feedbacks from clients when i proactively took action to price / monetize my services. And almost all potential projects, when i lost track of how i'm going to monetize them, turned into sand and dust.

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Why on earth did you refund his money and give him your work?

I am assuming:

The original poster simply wanted to achieve finality and move on from a situation in which he had worked for 15 hours in an attempt to obtain $25.


By complete capitulation, he was trying to give the client no options for continuing to pester him and take up more of his time.


Amazingly enough, the client didn't take the hint, and continued to ask for more work, even after receiving free work and a complete refund!

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