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Beware of "" scam(document typing )

Beware of jobs listed document typing -  in need of someone to type documents for thier company. Once they contact you, they ask you to contact somone else on an app called telegram that you'll have to download. Once you download and message the person they send you a pdf file with about 8 jobs listed each job shows what it pays, how many images, and a security fee. The person will ask you to tel them which job your interested in. The skeptic I am, I Googled **Edited for community guidelines** which is the company this man said he worked for. Company is legit -  everything seemed to check out except one thing I couldnt shake- the security fee. It says you'll be making the payment for the security fee through skrill. I asked the guy if he would be willing to use **Edited for community guidelines** website for all payments he declined and said they took bitcoin also. I Googled some more and found a comment made by **Edited for community guidelines** saying all payments should be made through thier site. I dodged a bullet and I hope this helps stop him from scamming someone else 

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Thank you for the warning. There are so many post like these that have been reported over and over again that still keep appearing in our feeds.

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Be careful. You should have stopped when they asked you to contact them outside of Upwork. This could get you suspended or banned from the site when you do it before an Upwork contract is started.

I wasn't aware of that at the time, or I absolutely wouldn't have. It was
my first go with the app I thought that was just how it was done
unfortunately until my gut told me to start checking what the policy was
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Community Manager

Hi Andrea, 

As a gentle reminder, please note that users cannot communicate off Upwork until a contract has been set up on your account (the client sent an offer, and you accepted it). Users are also not allowed to offer and accept payment off the Upwork website. It would be best to visit these articles for more information on how you can keep in line with Upwork's Terms of Service when engaging on the website:

In the meantime, I recommend checking out the "Safety First!" section of the freelancer resources we have compiled, these tips for avoiding questionable jobs, and this article for more information about working safely through Upwork. 

~ Avery

who should I report this listing and user to?  its the same scam as above, snapshot of telegram convo below


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


It's never a good idea to mess with scammers. You went outside of upwork using telegram, and you know very well that you should not do that. They suspend people for that kind of thing. 

The right way to report is flagging in the job posting, if it is still there. Maybe somebody else flagged it already. 

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Hello, I have been scammed with the same thing the Andrea M was saying about and I do not know what to do, they took a lot of money and they are asking even more and more to get to the payment. Can you help me please or direct me to someone who knows what to do, please?

Hi Vanna,


Communicating outside Upwork prior to a contract starting and any financial transactions outside Upwork is against ToS. We won't be able to help you get back the money you paid to the scammers but you should be able to avoid them moving forward by following the tips in this article on how to avoid questionable jobs and by following Upwork ToS.

~ AJ

And it also could get the client suspended or banned, but they'd be able to easily set up a new account, which a freelancer who was unaware of the rules can't.

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" I asked the guy if he would be willing to **edited for Community Guidelines** for all payments he declined"


FYI, all freelancer payments are to go through Upwork. You might want to read the terms of service to become more acquainted with how the procedures work. As someone else stated, corresponding with anyone off platform before a contract is in place is a big no-no.

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OMG! I just dodged awhile ago, all the things you mentioned she said it too. Still looking for my first freelancing job and was alarmed when mentioned security fee , so SUS. 


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Hello Andrea,


Whenver a similar jobs pops up for security fees, training fees, Software Charges. Its an alarming situation and rethink about the job post. Stay away from thos jobs even if the client is legit and has good reviews.


If any client has a legal project for completion, why he/she should asked for training, security or software charges, whereas she/he should look for the completion of project.


Hope this info is helpful



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Thank you for the heads-up! I applied and they responded. Here's the screen cap of our conversation. Beware! 

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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I think the same guy posted another similer job again.  i have already flaged to upwork, i 'm adding the link below. requesting everyone to report this.


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Well, i contacted one of thoses scammers just to know they're tricks. There are two types of scammers:

1: those who asked you to send a security fee to get the job

2 : those who doesn't say anything about security refundable fee if you didn't know about it until you finish the job, then they tell you well we've got your payment all you have to do is send us a refundable fee for security reasons taking people for fools. 


What is extraordinary about the second method, is that they let you dream, work hard, for so many days so that at the end when they will ask you for 20 or 40 dollars it's not a big deal in comparison with the effort and time that you spended.


Becarful people 

Communicating outside Upwork before a contract is in place is a violation of Upwork's terms of Service. Freelancers should not even know how the scam works if they did some basic reading first on how the plarform works.

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