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It seems like you're indicating that you want to discuss something related to business. Could you please provide more specific details or clarify what aspect of business you'd like to discuss? Whether it's about starting a business, managing one, marketing strategies, or any other topic, I'm here to assist you.

Considering your profile, it would be better if you learned first, and then tried to educate others. You can't assist others, if you don't know the rules and aren't practicing them.

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If you want to freelance, use the link at the top of the page for the Academy. Your profile is a giant spotlight to the scammers, because they can tell, just like I can, that you haven't read or aren't following the rules or best practices.

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Jeanne H, it's not clear who your comments are directed at. Or did you intend to tell the OP and Zahra that neither of them have read the rules and need to learn how this site works? Also, whose profile makes it clear they aren't in a position to provide advice? Zahra? If so, I'll point out that her response was kind, civil and offered support. I find that more helpful than criticizing a fellow freelancer trying to make ends meet. Finally, what makes it so obvious these two haven't read the rules? Thanks in advance for the dialogue. Wish you the best.

You can check post direction here:


So first was to Zahra, second in topic general. For Hassan because he asked question.

Zahra didnt prividing any advices. She (he) posted useless Chat-GPT created messages. You can search for other messages, all the same.

Hey Mykola--Thanks; this is very helpful. Much appreciated. 🤜🤛

You welcome.

Spam\gpt bots very anoying so dont be surprized if someone here unfriendly for them. Alse them can give wrong advises. It is unsafe for newbies who ask for advice.

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