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Can a freelancer create milestones?

Community Guru
Kelly B Member Since: Jan 1, 2016
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I swear I did this before, not too long ago. When I'm working with a client on an ongoing basis, where he doesn't know what he's going to need from week to week, I keep track of my time and then he essentially makes a milestone and pays me. But I thought the last time *I* made the milestone for him, because he hates the Upwork platform, finds it very unweildy.


Did I dream it? Did freelancers used to be able to create milestones and now they can't? It seems like it would be very beneficial since we seem to understand the platform much better than most of them do.


(I looked for threads on this topic; sorry if this has been asked and answered before.)

Community Guru
Michael S Member Since: Aug 29, 2017
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As far as I'm aware, the only time a freelancer can create milestones is when they send the original proposal. Once a contract is in place, the client is the only one who can add milestones.