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Client is not responding

Hey I got the project on Upwork and while working on it I shared the code with the client and he said it's partially working( It was working fine on my end). I update the code and send it to the client and ask him to check that. But now it's been more than two weeks since he is not responding. I'm not sure whether or deliver the project or not. If I deliver and then he came and gives me a negative review it will highly impact my profile as I'm new to this platform.

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You have deadline? Submit code when ready. Client have two weeks to check it. Also he can request changes within this 2 weeks if not happy with results.

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This is what you do (assuming you probably had to install/setup the code on some type of server/system where the client can 'check' as you described):   You take all of the code you developed and put in a .zip file and ATTACH it to the Milestone in Upwork and include what notes you want in the submission indicating that you are submitting the code/milestone for review.   A


After that, the client has 2 weeks to do one of the following:

1. Review and approve the milestone which releases your payment

2. Review and request changes, which 'restarts' the clock.  You would have to make fixes and then re-submit again

3. The client can do nothing for those 14 days, after which the milestone money is automatically released.


The work is not considered 'submitted' in Upwork's eyes until you submit the milestone for the contract, so you attach all the work (in a .zip file - recommended) to the milestone and submit the milestone.

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