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Client scam


I'm new to Upwork and I recently got my first active proposal client but after that she give me a link of Telegram to contact me she give me a job appresal & a list of packeges that shows firt transfer an amount of 50 USD as security than she give me a work. I think this was a scam. Be aware of all. I attached the file she send me and other snap shots.


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**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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You can protect yourself and your account by following Upwork's terms of service. You violated the TOS by communicating off the platform without a contract in place. Upwork can suspend your account due to the violation. These telegram things are always scams so stay safe by remaining on Upwork. 

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Hi Mumtaz,

The clients are supposed to pay you, not the other way around.
I think this article should be required reading for everyone who's new to Upwork.


It's also an excellent idea to do some reading to find out how things work before you start taking contracts.
Upwork's legal center is a great place to start. "Terms of use" is probably the most accessible section. This tells you what freelancers can and can't do on the platform and what clients can and can't ask for.



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