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Client was told to close the wrong contract

Client initially set up contract, but without the proposed milestones. 
UW told her she could not change the original contract or change the amount we agreed upon and then to create another contract with the right amount. 

Everything was fine, escrow was funded, she raised my pay another $100, and then I noticed the other contract was still live and it was showing on my profile that 2 jobs were "in progress" for her. She was still getting proposals from other freelancers. 


Just now she called UW support to correct it, but she ended the wrong contract (with the higher pay of course!) and now I'm being asked to leave feedback on the wrong contract. (We are not finished with this project yet.)

She's not scamming, I believe she doesn't know how this works and getting bad advice from Support. 

I need a MOD to look into this and some suggestions from the more experienced freelancers here. 

How is my score affected, if at all?



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Problem solved! Thanks Upwork!

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