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Creating dispute

If I open a dispute on a project and communicate with the support team, would this project affect my jss?

Marina Gergis
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It shouldn't, because it's just communication. You haven't received a bad feedback into your feed.

Thank you for your reply Biljana, Actually the client approved some of the amount agreed on, He end the contract  and he gave me a feedback then we open a dispute so the project will remain in my profile 

Marina Gergis

Hi Marina,


Thank you for reaching out to us. In general, any feedback on contracts with >$0.00 earnings will be displayed on your profile and will count towards your JSS. 


Since you are a Top Rated freelancer, you have the option to request feedback removal.


Keep in mind though that we only remove the client's rating and public feedback from your profile and JSS score. This does not impact your star rating which may be displayed on other pages, such as Project Catalog or on pages that market freelancer services to clients.


If you have additional questions or concerns about this specific dispute with the client, we suggest updating your ticket so our disputes and mediation team can assist you more efficiently.

~ AJ
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