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Customer Service

How do I get in touch with customer service?


Hi Christy, I am sorry you're experiencing issues contacting support. A quick way to contact support is by clicking the question mark icon that shows at the bottom right corner of this page. You may be asked what type of account you need help with, please select the best option for your situation. If you don't receive the information you're looking for, you can click "Get Support" for more options, including contacting our support team.

We'll also be happy to assist you with your issues here, could you please let us know more details?


The automated system isn't helping me and I don't want to discuss my problem in a public space. How do I contact a person?

What is your question about?

You can provide context and a topic, even if you don't provide specific details, and people here can point you in the right direction or forward the matter to the right internal team.

Hi Christy, 


Our customer support team is creating a personalized experience to better assist all Upwork platform users via the chatbot. The more you interact with the chatbot, the more custom responses you’ll receive. If you’d like to speak to an agent, you can request that via the chatbot.
If you're still unable to submit a ticket and your question includes private information, feel free to click on my name above this post and send me a private message.
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