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Hello, I would like to know something from the community as I have not found any information about it.
This is my situation, I worked as a video editor even before starting work at upwork and I have friends / customers with whom I have been cooperating for a long time. Can I ask them to give me orders through the upwork? That is, will they ban me for this, since, for example, I sometimes come to them as a guest and we use the same wi-fi network

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Yes, that is feedback manipulation and could get you banned.

Petra is right.


It would be good for you to understand that it is not Upwork's intention that freelancers work for friends or family using the platform. That isn't the purpose of the tool. You are welcome to work for friends or family directly, without any of that going through Upwork.


Upwork has extensive automated and manual systems in place that look for this sort of thing. And it goes far beyond checking for client/freelancer connections linked by the same IP address or wi-fi network.

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