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Eligibility weeks

Hi Valeria , 

Just a short question. Can you please help to clarify my doubt on this following matter:

What Happen to the eligibility weeks if I didn't earn (let's for Top rated badge) 1000 USD & my eligibility weeks is 16 of 16. 

Then on the next week , will the eligibility weeks be again 0 of 16 ? Or will it be remain as it is i.e 16 of 16..till i reached a state where i had 1000 USD earned!


NB- I am considering the above case with a situation where there is No recent account holds & Jss more than 90%



Beat Regards -


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Hi Adnan,


I'd be happy to clarify that! Top Rated eligible weeks are weeks when you maintained Rising Talent status or a Job Success Score of at least 90%. So unless you lose Rising Talent badge or your JSS goes below 90%, your number of eligible weeks will continue to grow or stay the same. Having 12-month earnings of at least $1,000 is a separate requirement for Top Rated program, not related to eligible weeks but also necessary to achieve Top Rated status. 
I hope this helps.

~ Valeria
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