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Someone is asking me to provide my Facebook url. Is it safe to do this?

Thank you
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As long as he is only asking for the URL that's Safe,  but it's against the upwork policy to take the discussion outside upwork.  But if he asking that to integrate something that's Safe to provide. 

Thank you very much for the quick response. As a newbie, I want to take all precautions against being scammed.

Thanks again

Saqib J wrote:

 but it's against the upwork policy to take the discussion outside upwork. 

No, it is not. There is no such policy and clients and freelancers are free to communicate any way they like. 


It is ONLY against the terms of service to pay or get paid outside the platform.

Thank you Petra R,

I will bear all of this in mind when discussing the contract with the client.
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It depends on how you use Facebook. If you have a business profile there, then the client should be able to find you without being given the URL -- that's why you have it, right? Personally, I would never provide my personal Facebook URL to a client because my personal account is not public -- it's for friends and friends of friends only. I can't imagine a client asking for it.

Thank you for your response. I have a feeling they want me to promote their business on my account. I dont have that many friends so I doubt if I will be of any use to them 😂
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Ok fine
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Yes you can

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