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Fake Clients



Upwork should take action for the fake clients, Already the connects for submitting proposals is increased too much and now these fake clients are annoying freelancers alot, Litreally from the 20 jobs only 3-4 clients are real that just response or hire someone while remaing are the fake and due to this our valuable connects are losing rapidly, As there are many strict conditions implemented on freelancers, upwork should take action on fake clients to make this platform much professional.




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Hey Mahirah,

It is true that there have been instances of fake clients on Upwork. To identify potential fake clients, freelancers can consider factors such as payment methods, job descriptions and prices, communication patterns, and multiple similar job posts. While Upwork takes measures to prevent such instances, freelancers should remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

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I agree with you that Upwork should do more (read 'something') about the fake and scam job posts. It appears they dont want to do anything about them though. Probably due to making money off them!


However, there is no reason you should be losing valuable connects to them is there? You already pointed out that out of 20 jobs on ly 3 or 4 were real. So it is clear that you can tell the difference. Just dont apply to the fake ones.

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I am new to upwork got started yesterday. i was very excited because i got a translation job in like 2h. the client was fake it was actually a scammer 12 hours worth of work for free. i am seriously pissed! 

This is why if anyone actually bothered to stop and read how the platform worked instead of jumping headfirst into a system you dont know how to operate properly, then you wouldnt end up wasting your time.


Do yourself a favour, instead of wasting another 12 hours on a scam job, waste just a couple of hours reading about the site, what you can and cant do, stick to the rules and you should not need to waste any more time on scam jobs.

To be fair I almost got taken in by a verified account and was completely legit looking. they even had prior history the scammers are either buying or hacking verified accounts with history now to use them to try to scam others. IF they do not offer a contract do nothing.  If they want you to do anything for free as a job interview do nothing and report it  pretty common sense things and I agree people need tp dp research but Upwork needs to do a better job vetting people. IF we have to verify our IDs to get paid why is it not the same process for job posting?

It was before. UW didn't verify IDs anymore, any scammer free to register in few clicks. As freelancer or client.

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