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Feedback on my profile, anyone?

Hello fellow freelancers!


I joined the platform recently and it is exciting to be here. I have been sending out consistent proposals for around a week now. Just wanted your input and guidance on the following:


1. Profile - is there anything I should do to improve it? The link to the same is - https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01cd88634cb87ff5ef


2. How did you get your first job? How long into the process was it?


Thanks in advance. Much appreciated!

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Hello Athira,

Welcome to Upwork.  Yes it is an exciting platform to be on.

Go through Academy and try out the various modules available, get your badges, keep trying for jobs.  You may get it immediately or after trying multiple jobs.  Do note the clients have a larger option to pick from, so follow the various discussions, blogs and modules availalble, replicate while applying and you should get a job earlier rather than later.  Hope this helps!

Thank you so much Dominic!


How long did it take for you to land your first client?

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You need to specify in what jurisdiction you are certified as a lawyer. 

Thank you Marina. This is very helpful!

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