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I wish something will happen to all FORMs to fill in from clients.

Some have questions in it about private info. Some have tests inside the form.

I wish Upwork could inform clients when posting a job about this.

It's getting annoying to have them so often.

And when trying to say I can not fill in my personal info. They decline.


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The clients probably already know that they aren't supposed to ask, that's why they ask in a form instead of in their gig post. It is a way to evade detection, similar to inviting people to Google Hangouts. If you inform a client of the rules and they decline you, what have you lost? A client who wants to break the rules?

I don't like that we can't communicate off Upwork prior to a contract because it is very inconvenient. But, I am not sure I would trust a client who, once informed of the rule, rejected freelancers who adhered to it. 

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You are right.

One client became rude and told she wanted to know people and have a relationship before working. It's important for her.


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